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Less is more!

When was the last time you heard THAT from a hair care brand? We have all become used to reading things like this on industry beauty product labels:

"Use a generous amount....."  or  "Apply liberally....."

Well, LUS | Love Ur Self works so incredibly well that our chemists keep reminding us to tell our consumers...USE LESS!  That's right. Use less product, get greater results.  


Where it began...

We spent a lot of time in Research & Development. We had to. It was important for us to create products that actually worked! We analyzed and tried almost every curly-hair product on the market today. We noted properties that we liked from each, eliminated the ones we didn’t like (along with some of the worst chemicals and synthetics) and created a unique product line, with customized formulas for different naturally curly or wavy textures.

With Love Ur Curls' simple 3-step system, we have helped eliminate the time that you currently spend reading product labels, trying to figure out what to put in your hair first, and ultimately, layering multiple products in your hair to get your desired look. 






STEP 1: Gentle & Moisturizing (Sulfate-free) Shampoo

This sulfate-free, light lather formula will gently yet effectively cleanse your scalp & hair. Infused with the right amount of shea butter & moringa oil to leave your hair feeling clean and moisturized with every wash. Colour safe and great for all curl types!


STEP 2: Hydrating & Detangling Conditioner

This ultra hydrating & detangling formula will leave your curls feeling extremely soft without weighing them down. Infused with shea butter to hydrate and moisturize the curl cuticle and moringa oils to repair dry/damaged hair. Colour safe and great for all curl types!


STEP 3: All-in-One for:


Give your hair a break from heat and flat irons, and rock your natural waves with this effective all-in-one. The light formula will leave your locks feeling soft, voluminous, and smooth. Non-sticky and non-greasy. Repair, hydrate, and style your hair all in one easy step!



Put an end to layering multiple products on your hair in an endless attempt to achieve “perfect” curls! This effective all-in-one will drench your curls in hydration, giving you soft gorgeous curls for days. Infused with the right amount of shea butter, moringa and castor oil for your curl type. The result? Curls that look beautiful, feel great, and smell incredible too!



This custom formulated all-in-one will moisturize your hair and scalp, and also serve as a curl activator! Lightweight and nonsticky, it will leave your hair feeling clean between washes. Infused with shea butter, moringa oil, and castor oil, to give you soft and defined coils. Your hair will look beautiful, feel great, and smell incredible too!




LUS | Love Ur Self Manufacturing

All of our products are formulated and manufactured in a GMP-compliant and FDA-registered laboratory in Canada. Each individual product has also been registered with Health Canada. At LUS | Love Ur Self, we put consumer safety above all else.


View more information on our key product ingredients here.


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