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Stylist/Salon Wholesale Application Terms and Conditions

Last updated: March 17, 2023






  • Products: Please refer to the Approved Manufacturer Price List 
  • Minimum order $ Value: NONE 
  • All payments must be made by credit card through Manufacturer’s online portal.
  • Any damages or shortages of Products received by Wholesaler must be reported to Manufacturer  within 48 hours of receipt. Additionally, any shortages and damages must be noted on the signed  BOL and provided to Manufacturer.  
  • Sales taxes shall be charged by Manufacturer on all orders received from Wholesaler unless Wholesaler provides Manufacturer a valid Reseller Certificate on no less than an annual basis.  Manufacturer does not accept any returns; all sales are final. 


  • Shipping is CPT from Manufacturer’s warehouse or its 3PL warehouse.
  • Free shipping will be given on all orders with a minimum order value of :
    • Wholesalers in the United States (USA): $USD 1,000
    • Wholesales in Canada: $CAD 1,300
  • Processing and shipment of orders are typically executed 2-3 business days from when order is received.
  • Any extra shipping charges for shipments routed to residential addresses, tailgate charges, or inside delivery charges (when shipping LTL) will be charged back to Wholesaler if charged to Manufacturer by the shipping company.


  • Wholesaler is permitted to market Products on its own online e-commerce store, except that:
    • Wholesaler is not permitted to market or sell Products on any online marketplaces (including, but  not limited to Amazon,; and 
    • Wholesaler is not permitted to market or sell any Products to any end user that is located within  the European Union, the United Kingdom, or Australia (the “Excluded Territories”) or to any end  user that Wholesaler knows or has reason to suspect may resell Products to others in the Excluded  Territories.  
  • Wholesaler shall market Products at the prices as listed on the Approved Manufacturer Price List.  Wholesaler shall not be permitted to market Products at prices less than those listed on the Approved  Manufacturer Price List. 
  • Wholesaler shall not be permitted to bid on the below keywords or variations that include these  keywords on any social media platform or search engine. Any phrase match or broad match targeting  should also be set to exclude these keywords: 

 “lus”, “lus brands”, “love your curls”, “love ur curls” 

  • Wholesaler shall not be permitted to assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of  Manufacturer.  
  • This Agreement and its terms may be subject to change or modification at any time by Manufacturer  upon written notice to Wholesaler. 
  • This Agreement may be terminated by Manufacturer or Wholesaler at any time. In the event there is a  termination of this Agreement, the Terms and Conditions outlined under the Policies section of this  Agreement shall survive termination.



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