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9 Ways to #LoveUrCurls Longer

Posted on 06 January 2018

Water is key 

We probably say this so often here at LUS that you might swear it’s our tagline... but we mean it.

LUS water activated curly hair care productsOur All-In-Ones are super rich and applying them while your hair is nicely saturated will activate the formulas and get them working the way they’re designed to.

Pull the products through your hair from root to tip repeatedly, you’ll know the product is activating when you start to feel some slip. As you go through applying the product, sections of your hair might start to dry. Use a spray bottle filled with cool water to re-wet the strands; this is a good way to make sure the product works consistently throughout the entire process!

Side Tip: Hydration is important inside and out! We often don’t realize how our habits affect us overall. Not drinking enough water is usually the reason for fatigue, dry skin AND dry or dull hair. 



Chill out with the hot water

Okay, so like we said water is important but so is the temperature you use. We’re sure most of you savvy curly girls know to rinse out your conditioner with cool to warm water but we thought it was also worth mentioning that even if you are just rinsing out your shampoo or simply getting your hair ready for a wash, avoid using hot water (warm is OK).

On one hand, hot water and steam open up the pores which is great for exfoliating the scalp and clarifying your hair -- if you have oily hair this can be super helpful. On the other hand, opening up your pores too much can result in your hair being too porous, which can leave your hair dry and brittle. ☹️

Hot water can also strip your hair of natural oils which are essential to keep moisture sealed in your hair. If you say "goodbye" to moisture, you can say "hello" to frizz.


Wash out your in-shower conditioner

We know a lot of curly girls have a tendency to not completely wash out their conditioner before stepping out of the shower. When it comes to our Love Ur Curls Step 2 Conditioner, however, we recommend washing it out completely. Not all conditioners are meant to be used as leave-ins and while your results may seem alright, they certainly won’t last as long. Most importantly, our Step 3 “All-in-Ones” need wet, clean, BARE hair to work on! Leaving your in-shower conditioner in will create a layer on your hair shaft that might prevent the 3rd product from doing its job properly. As a rule of thumb, unless a conditioner mentions on the label that it can double over as a leave-in, it’s usually best to wash it out all out.


Smaller sections

This is the best way to apply the product thoroughly and evenly. It may seem timely but sometimes it can be more efficient if you have a lot hair. Also, by going in sections you can focus on your application technique and ensure the product penetrates the hair properly. The end result = better moisture and overall definition. See for yourself!

Plus, keep in mind that our average customer is getting 3-5 days with ONE wash ‘n go. Imagine washing your hair and styling once, then rocking your curls for days to come! Worth a little extra effort on wash day, no? We think so, too. ☺️

Ready, set, then go!

Once you’ve applied your LUS All-In-One, allow your curls to dry and set completely before you start to manipulate and move them around. If you’re air-drying this means waiting patiently for your strands to dry before doing anything like fluffing it out for more volume.

If you’re diffusing make sure to be gentle! Adjust the power and heat setting to suit your hair’s needs (everyone is different) but you have to be very gentle when diffusing. Blowing your hair around too much and unnecessarily during the drying process can cause those frizzies that no one needs.

diffuse curls by Sahar LUS

For a LIVE look at how our founder Sahar diffuses her long thick curly hair, check out this video. Skip forward to 45:19 where she starts diffusing and watch the curly hair magic unfold!


Nightly routine

Do you wake up, look in the mirror, and feel like you need to do your hair all over again? You might want to start handling your hair with a little more care before you go to bed. Some curlies like to put their hair in a pineapple (a ponytail on the top of your head) to make sure that they don’t end up tossing and turning on their hair as they sleep. The less friction overnight, the better your curls in the am.

Another way to avoid frizzing up your hair while you sleep is to wrap a satin or silk scarf around your pineapple. Yet another option is to buy yourself a satin pillowcase if your scarves tend to go M.I.A in the middle of the night. 😉 Other people prefer a satin pillowcase because they like to sleep with their hair down. These methods won’t eliminate frizz completely but will reduce it quite a bit.

Check out our girl @Whitneyann_Romeo's tips on how she preserves her curls at night! 


Refresh routine

Okay, so you have your nightly routine but still when you look in the mirror you’re thinking your curls could use a bit of improvement in the A.M. Sure, maybe you don’t have major frizz but you might have some kinks or creases where your pineapple was or maybe one section has a little more frizz than the others.

Reviving your curls in the morning will be very specific to you. Some methods work better on different types of hair, so this is a matter of trial and error, our friends!  

Water will play a huge part in rejuvenating your curls which means you can always start by mixing a bit of the LUS All-In-One with water in your spray bottle and spritzing it on your hair. No need to completely wet it down as that may rinse out the product that’s already in your hair. Or you can do a full refresh.

Here are two videos showing each method -- pick the one that works best for you!

Ends Need Friends

vanessa delanoy curls @thedelanoysCurl definition relies on clumping. "Clumping" refers to how your individual hair strands bind together to make each lock of curl. The more clumping, the bigger the curl; that’s why a person with type 3A hair will typically have more clumping than a person with 3C hair type, for example. Genetics play a huge part in this but how you handle your curls can also play a role in enhancing or decreasing the amount of clumping you have.

One major factor is split ends. The health of your hair plays a huge role in your wash n’ go results and how long they last. Sometimes damaged hair isn’t as obvious as heat or colour damage. Take a moment to really examine your hair; frayed ends, split ends and fairy knots are indicators that your hair may be in need of little extra TLC. A trim or a dusting can go a long way when it comes to achieving more definition and avoiding excessive frizz in between wash days.

Our girl Vanessa Delanoy (@thedelanoys on IG) dusts her own ends often to ensure her beautiful long lush curlies stay super healthy. Here’s a video where she shows how:

Remember: curly hair care IS a journey and this IS a community where we learn from each other. If you have any other tips and tricks to help your fellow curlies, please share them below!


Team LUS

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