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To 'Poo or Not to 'Poo

Posted on 13 June 2017

If you’re a curly girl, you already know what we’re talking about here. And if you’re not a curly girl, your face probably looks like this right now --> 😳. But in the world of a curly girl, whether or not we 'poo (shampoo our hair) has been a big topic of discussion for years, and even a matter of controversy. Who knew HAIR could cause so much debate!
Now the word “shampoo” in and of itself does NOT equal “sulfates”, and today there are many gentle sulfate-free cleansers (aka shampoo) on the market.

LUS's own Gentle & Moisturizing Shampoo (Step 1) from the Love Ur Curls line is just one example, but many hair care brands have also eliminated harsh sulfates from their products. Today, seeing the word “Shampoo” shouldn’t send you running for the bushes as a curly girl. Remember, “Shampoo” is just a descriptive word for a “liquid product used to cleanse.”

If you’re trying to avoid certain ingredients, for one reason or another, take a read through the ingredients list on your hair products. We were able to get rid of a whole lot of the bad ones when formulating the Love Ur Curls product line and you can find a list of our “Free From” ingredients here.

On our Key Ingredients page you can also learn about some added goodies in Love Ur Curls – like moringa oil, which we import from the best of the best in Kenya! 

LUS “Shampoo”

If you prefer to co-wash your hair (essentially wash with a conditioner), that’s completely up to you. But if you’re like us and prefer to properly cleanse your hair and scalp before adding conditioner, then you’ll love Step 1 of #LoveUrCurls.

shampoo cleanser for curly hair

Before creating this line, we used to think: shampoo is just shampoo, right? What’s the big deal? 

Well, we learned very quickly how hard it is to actually create a gentle and moisturizing cleanser. In fact, our chemists had to layer the gentle cleansing agents with the moringa oil and shea butter (both counteracting each other) to create a product that lifts the oil and residue from your hair and scalp without stripping it of essential moisture. Thanks to this, our hair and scalps have never been happier. 😄

We DO agree that you shouldn’t be shampooing your hair too often. But your wash cycle depends on YOUR hair and scalp condition and no one else can tell you what’s right FOR YOU. So you have to experiment and see what works for your hair type.

Snapped below is @lioness_curls with her Day 3 curls using Love Ur Curls products. Gone are the days of washing and styling your curls every single day!

@lioness_curls and her Day 3 curls with LoveUrCurls


Remember: Less is More

In this video our founder, Sahar, goes through the proper use for Steps 1 & 2, Cleanse & Condition. “Less is More” with our entire line, so use LESS product and MORE water at every step.



To 'poo or not to 'poo... It's up to you. Whatever you choose, may your wash days always be happy! Or, at the very least, may you have products that make these dreadful days just a little bit easier! 😘 #LoveUrCurls #LoveUrSelf


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